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how to catch quillback

I got side tracked by a muskie and started thoughing a jig and retrieving it eraticly. So I did my best to duplicate this with what I had. I haven't got 1of them quill carp yet.we use to catch a lot of regular carp in the wb sect.there's some big ones there. This includes many streams, lakes, channels and rivers. One of the quillback’s common names is “Quillback Carpsucker.” “Quillback” refers to the lengthy first dorsal rays and several following rays that form a long projection at the leading edge of the back fin, which might remind some of a … My preference for spots is small sand/silt flats. Welcome to the strange world of angling for one of the most frustrating fishes in the world. I typically watch the fish. When fishing for rockfish be ready to set your hook as soon as your line drops all the way to the bottom. A Canadian flyfisher swore to me that if you caught one, you had to throw away your tippet or you would never catch another. Tips to Help You Catch More Rockfish Find the Bottom. I've got a question? Juveniles are usually shallower than adults and can be found on bull kelp-covered rocky outcrops, while adults tend to live in deeper water as solitary individuals. This is by boat on a big river, probably crusing all day & anchoring over holes/eddy's. Jun 24, 2019 #1 The old state record was 4.2lb and mine weighs 5.8lb! They are often caught in deep, cold water by bottom fishing with herring or jigging. Fishing was slow today, I didn't tart until 0830 to give the fog a chance to burn off and finished up about 1:30 PM. Circle Hook Bottom Rockfish Rig. The chances of finding a lone quilly feeding with abandon likely won't happen again any time soon, but I will now try not to be only focused on the schooling throngs, but alo look for outliers in specialized feeding situations. Definitely a holy grail species around here. Good sun glasses make the site fishing much easier. Don't know? Habitat: They prefer rocky bottoms from roughly 150 feet on out to 800 feet off or Oregon. Caught 8 bass, 2 keepers on the Ned rig. Using an 11 1/2 foot rod, a sz 10 octopus/circle hook with a small nub of crawler and enough weight to more or less pin it in the fast current, I was able to get the bait in the feeding zone. Just thought I would throw the idea out there for anyone who wanted to try it out. Often they will swim away from the bait if we use mono and wont be frightened by the braid. This is active feeding in a territory. I think they pick up my bait, they like the taste, they can fit it in their mouth, but need to suck it apart before they can swallow -- hence, the prolonged, barely detectable bite (zero-stretch braid is key -- I doubt I would notice anything w/ mono), with such a light, uniform bite & my hook point covered, it's really tough to decide when to set the hook. I am a big fan of finding a situation with small groups of carpsuckers, less than a half dozen. Fair and square on the inside of the mouth. One magical day a few years ago, when the water was clear (like it is now) I managed to sight fish three quillbacks in a couple of hours. They inhabit shallow, slow water areas, such as deep pools, backwaters, side channels, and the flats. Hey welcome to the forum Matt! Back in the 80's, when I was 16, I received the book. #14 scud hooks, small circle hooks, and tiny pieces of worm will work. A perfect coup! Be sure the fish are actively feeding before trying to catch them. Unlike any other previous time of getting my ass handed to me by these non terrestrial alien fish (native fish, yeah right! In these cases, even a perfect presentation is useless and you're going to have a bad time if you keep at it. The visibility is about 2'' so no sight fishing. There were lots of them in Florence Lake in southern Minnesota, so I dragged a mob of intrepid fishermen down there to try for them. I can't remember the technique he used to catch it. We had what can only be described as the most frustrating fishing experience we had ever experienced. The quillback is a carpsucker with a deep, rather thick body, with a large snout and a long, sickle-shaped dorsal fin. You simply cannot approach them in waders. All of the illustrious members of The Carpsucker Underground had watched these fish feed for many hours. We were seasoned roughfishers. The rigging should be subtle and if you make even a ripple on the water near a Carpsucker you are hosed. Because these species make up the majority of catch in the bottomfish fishery, the bag limit can be increased, providing anglers with additional harvest opportunity. Since then I have fished the Ottertail and have never scored nor have seen anyone else catch one. In 2014 I found a lone quillback very actively feeding in a crystal clear eddy over a sand bottom maybe a foot to 18"deep. If they are working a straight line upstream then turning to drift downstream to start again I will fish for them. A number 12-14 hook with a piece of a waxworm. A woman in Chicago chummed them in with groundbait and caught them on tiny maggots. One guy had caught one once on a rapala. Something like this might be highly effective, especially in a blind fishing scenario. They can and do enter the main current flow, and will definitely flee into deep fast water when hooked or, more likely, spooked by an angler. I prefer the smallest bait I can see, maggots and wax worms are great as the white color is way easier to see than a worm chunk (worm chunks work too). As the hours clicked passed, I stuck with the float. I had snagged one in the face and swore it had reacted to my fly. North Saskatchewan River Quillback are not considered a sport fish in Alberta but try and catch one. It's interesting as hell how difficult a fish can be when targeted, but as by-catch, some people pull them out all day long & throw them back by the hundreds. They don't hunt for food like a predator, they breathe in tiny bits of food that happen to be right under their nose. The fish that does this the most in a small group is the easiest target, watch that fish an set up to target that individual fish. The later being important because between landing the fish and fiddling with the camera, the newly life listed quilly snatched back its freedom and returned to the eddy for more chow. We went home skunked, depressed, and perplexed. Let alone see one there since. The Quillback is found in both medium to large rivers, as well as some lakes. The fish weighed 8.52 pounds and measured 24 inches. Snagging for Quillbacks occurs in the fast water below dams, where they tend to gather. When you see that set the hook. It could take 20 minutes for them to work up to the bait. So this means ... You must place a stationary bait directly in the carpsucker's path. I'll defnately be looking back at this in the future, among my top flavors for dough/paste are vanilla extract, fish oil, unrefined sunflower oil and honey...  any one (not all together) used in tiny amonts, otherwise the dough slides off the hook too easily from too much sugar/oil, "In these cases, even a perfect presentation is useless and you're going to have a bad time if you keep at it.". Below us was a large pool. In the book, they spoke of catching "so many Carpsuckers that our arms got tired" at a dam on the Cannon River. Sometimes, you'll get lucky and they'll hook themselves. Eli do you have a dam or something to stop their migration around you? We had caught every fish we had ever encountered. Maybe gizzard or hickory shad? This is one of the more difficult parts. My buddy caught one right next to me on a big ball of crawlers. You must use small hooks and tiny baits to catch feeding carpsuckers. Carpsucker anglers are like Jedi masters, and you are closing in on Yoda territory. While their mouth is big enough to engulf many typical baits, the opening to their esophagous is measured in millimeters. The Quillback carpsucker is a large, heavy-bodied fish with large, close-knit scales and a long, pointed dorsal fin that has a quill which extends to the base of dorsal. maybe a native of Jupiter's moon Europa) this particular quillback was very aggresive and pounced on my crawler from maybe 9" to a foot away! But a fish was on and as it neared I was amped to see a quillback at the end of my line. This is an understatement. Don't make waves, don't use a big sinker, and don't try to wade up to them. I also think I hooked one when I was fishing for carp this summer with corn, never saw it though because the water was muddy though. species which can otherwise be caught with red lures). Why I am not sure. Just in a big school and getting pushed up? QUILLBACK. We had fished three rods, floats, bottom-rigs, flies, doughballs, everything. All of us compared notes and results. The commercial catch of Quillbacks is low and incidental to River Carpsuckers, as neither species is in demand as a food-fish. I thought they were some rare species that I could easily catch if only I could find them. Anyone fishing from shore may continue to retain these species, although ODFW encourages release of uninjured copper, quillback, and China rockfish. Thanks for posting it. The fish might just stop and twitch its lips. This might seem pretty obvious, but there's more to it than it seems. Quillback - Catch Photo Release Bear Goes Fishing When they are over the bait they will often keep going, but watch their pectoral fins. Beats me, but some dude fishing a bass tournament in Tennessee just caught the new state record. all my Quills (not that many, but all nice size) came as by-catch w/ carp techniques that pre-date hair rigs & boilies: sliding sinker; long 2-3' leader; dough/paste on a small, short-shank hook w' the point covered (all my Quills have been fair-hooked -- never snagged). I have this little hole on a small river called the rivanna here in charlottesville. What are these bottom-feeders doing up at the surface? I'll insert your techniques into the main article. You can use both inline and offset circle hooks. But here's what we know. They can be found from subtidal waters to depths of 274 m (900 ft). “The quillback put up a pretty good fight. You might be surprised. And thanks for adding your info! I duelled a school of river carpsuckers many years ago in a trout stream, and their sensitivity to ripples in the water and flyline moving overhead made trout look like oblivious lunkheads. I could see them feeding on the sides of rocks, I think maybe they feed on herring spawn. And then there is the hook set. Miller’s catch was certified on scales at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery in … Save your game once you find it. If it's not under their nose, they won't go hunting for it, even if it's a delicious morsel only inches away. the scenario for my very limited Quillback success was always pretty much the same: surprisingly, I've never caught a Quillback under a float, despite using much lighter tackle & I've never seen one swimming around, that I could readily identify -- I guess I have stealth issues :). But true sportsmen will always rise to the challenge and figure out how to catch them. Quillback definition is - any of several suckers; especially : a small fish (Carpiodes cyprinus) of central and eastern North America with a much elongated first ray of the dorsal fin. Above all, we learned about them. What does quillback mean? The quillback is found throughout much of North America, from Saskatchewan to Florida, and from South Dakota to Alabama. If you let me get em' in I promise I let em' go. Not long after I made that first cast my float twitched and I set the hook. I'm sure somebody has thought about using these to detect light bites? Miller’s fish set the state record for quillback taken by alternative methods (the old mark was 1 pound, 14 ounces). The first lesson I learned about them was to stay the hell out of the water. The water was clear enough for us to see every scale of the fish in the pool below. On top of that, I'll watch the individuals within these groups and pick out the most active one. Ultra-Sensitive Wire Spring Bobber Rod Attachments: Carpsuckers, I get no carp, but I get various weird little line twitches & my baits come back mostly  intact, but "disturbed" in a way that seems a bit more uneven than mere erosion by current, I figure, "oh, well... small stuff is in the area... white suckers & bigger fallfish/chubs are better than nuttin'." She called them "breath-feeders". The quillback occupies temperate, freshwater habitats. A carpsucker that is not feeding is NOT feeding. Logged Angling for Carpsuckers Back in the 80's, when I was 16, I received the book Fishing for Buffalo, by Tom Dickson and Rob Buffler, as a gift from a good friend.

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