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air force air logistics centers

14 AFGLSC provisional command was established in April 2007. These employees then reported to the DLA Distribution Command; they were no longer part of the organization responsible for producing the maintenance results, and their objectives and performance reviews were not driven by the ALC. The AFLCMC mission: "Acquire and Support War-Winning Capabilities" The Air Force should continue its eLog 21 approach to sustainment improvement and should aggressively continue to pursue incremental fielding of the ECSS as an enterprise resource planning solution. Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? These metrics represent the first concrete evidence that performance of the supply chain is being measured. The ALCs have strategic plans, and in those the committee observed limited metrics for AA and aircraft on-time delivery from production lines. Also, you can type in a page number and press Enter to go directly to that page in the book. SOURCE: Major General Andrew E. Busch, Commander, OO-ALC. Accessed May 3, 2011. Personal communication to the committee, May 11, 2011. dTotal SLOC—All code associated with the aircraft, including onboard/operational (OFP, fire control, stores management, communications, radar, heads-up display, embedded GPS/ins, digital video recorder, mission planning, etc. The ALCs are complex, multi-faceted organizations. SOURCE: Gregory Mann, United States Navy, Fleet Readiness Center Southwest, Industrial Business Operations Department. One can only imagine how this diagram would look if expanded to represent all of the systems that are supported by the ALCs. Successfully led the merger of three sustainment wings at the three Air Force logistics centers into one wing within the newly-formed Air Force Global Logistics Support Center. These efforts are designed to enhance depot throughput and to tailor both depot and field inspections to realistic operational conditions. Aircraft availability (AA) was often mentioned as the principal measure of merit for the Air Force’s as well as the ALCs’ sustainment goals. The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC), founded in 1941 and located on Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, manages an inventory of more than 2,000 aircraft including the B-1, B-2, B-52, C/KC-135, E-3, VC-25, VC-137, Cruise missile inventories, and 25 other Contractor Logistics Support aircraft.3,4,5 Additionally, OC-ALC is responsible for all Air Force propulsion systems and management and a sizable portion of the propulsion systems maintenance. 32 Captain Melnick commented on the DLA’s metrics in the sense of the Air Force’s PBA with DLA. FIGURE 4-5 In addition, given its dependence on software to achieve mission capabilities, the Air Force would benefit from additional senior leader education in this area. FIGURE 4-7 A subject matter expert would also point out that the supply characteristics in the upper right quadrant (few participants, high barriers to entry, high switching costs) cannot be left to market forces but must be cultivated with long- term partnerships. “OO-ALC Overview—Core Competencies & Priorities.” Presentation to the committee, January 31, 2011. Create New Account. 26 USAF. Available at There is no charge for this Trade Mission however you must be a registered participant of the Requirements Symposium (please refer to website … FIGURE 4-2 For future system acquisitions, however, as part of initial program planning, strong consideration must be given to a single government en-. Warner-Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC) operation areas of responsibility. In a briefing to the full committee, the DLA representative explained that because the Air Force is responsible for significant portions of the approval flow, DLA Richmond must be involved. Table 4-1 depicts the attributes and activities of the three ALCs. “309th Software Maintenance Group.” Presentation to the committee, February 1, 2011. The ALC commanders’ authority has been significantly weakened over the past several years to the extent that they do not have sufficient authority to effectively and efficiently execute the programs for which they are responsible. importantly, skilled technical personnel are either forced to conduct workarounds, cannibalize parts, or place items in a downtime status for the lack of parts. At WR-ALC, the C-17 aircraft are modified and repaired by government employees. It is essential to have a clear understanding of all the resources that impact the ALCs’ operations to better evaluate the ALCs’ capabilities. To not do so ignores the fact that Title 10 has put the components on notice to achieve, and not necessarly cause, significant perturbations in the workforce. “309th Software Maintenance Group.” Presentation to the committee, February 1, 2011. systems to balance contractor efforts with the required development of organic capabilities. assigned to the ALC. 22 The committee heard all of these terms used, often interchangeably. The commander generally had authority, responsibility, and accountability for the range of resources available within normal constraints to execute the programs. “Commander’s Briefing.” Presentation to the committee, January 6, 2011. responsibility for avionics systems management, support equipment management, and electronic warfare systems and the significant maintenance of these systems. “Acquiring What the Warfighter Needs.” Presentation to the Aviation Week MRO Conference, April 12-14, 2011, Miami, Florida. Based on feedback from you, our users, we've made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website. Purchasing Must Become Supply Management. Each ALC visit consisted of a combination of briefings, facility tours, and in-depth discussions with the participants. The various entities, such as the supply chain and “out of the chain” command offices, optimize for their own organization and/or products rather than support a major sustainment entity such as an ALC. Further, these systems are by their nature expensive, have an element of risk, and take time. Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger, commander of Air Force Materiel Command, officiated the ceremony. § 2466. The ability of the United States Air Force (USAF) to keep its aircraft operating at an acceptable operational tempo, in wartime and in peacetime, has been important to the Air Force since its inception. The committee discussed the AA metric at length. In addition, it would generally ensure that the SIL equipment and development tools, which are generally commercial products, are current, as opposed to what sometimes occurs in maintenance organizations; namely, the support equipment is baselined at older versions that are no longer supported by the vendor. The ALCs recognize that strong leadership and supervisory skills “don’t just happen”—they develop over time and can only come from efforts by leadership. 24 Kathy Cutler, Deputy Commander, Defense Logistics Agency Aviation. 28 Peter Kraljic. As individual weapon system programs evolve, the need for software staffing varies. “F-35B Flies with Block 1.0 Software.” November 15, 2010. Certainly the intent of the AFMC Software Maintenance Group is to provide one virtual software maintenance function, instead of three geographically separated, competing organizations, and a unified message/face to the customer and Headquarters. The center consists of professional Airmen delivering globally integrated, agile logistics and sustainment. Finally, software digitization of previously analog-based, hardware-delivered measurement and control functions, such as sensing, flight controls, and engine controls, continues to increase. See more of Philippine Air Force Logistics Training Center on Facebook. They have attained substantial process controls and quality measures at the highest levels of the industry. 3 Assessment of Current Sustainment Investments, Infrastructure, and Processes, 5 Technology Development and Insertion for Sustainment, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Examination of the U.S. Air Force's Aircraft Sustainment Needs in the Future and Its Strategy to Meet Those Needs,,,, HISTORY AND PRESENT STATE OF AIR FORCE AIR LOGISTIC CENTERS,, HOLISTIC APPROACH TO THE RESPONSIBILITIES AND PERFORMANCE OF AIR FORCE AIR LOGISTICS CENTERS, ASSESSMENT OF THE RESOURCING OF AIR LOGISTICS CENTERS, Critical Support Staff for the ALC Workforce, Labor Relations and Growing the Workforce, ORGANIZING THE AIR LOGISTIC CENTERS FOR SUSTAINMENT,,, RESOURCING FOR TECHNOLOGY INSERTION AT AIR LOGISTICS CENTERS, ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT AT THE AIR LOGISTICS CENTERS,, SOFTWARE SUSTAINMENT FOR LEGACY AND FUTURE SYSTEMS, Current Trends in Air Force Software Development and Maintenance,,, Air Force Policies for Software Sustainment, Future Challenges Based on New Aircraft Entering the Inventory, EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS OF AIR FORCE AIR LOGISTICS CENTERS, 2 Review of the Impact of Regulations, Policies, and Strategies on Sustainment, 4 Assessment of Air Force Air Logistics Centers, 6 Incorporating Sustainability into Future Designs, Appendix A: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members, Appendix B: Meetings and Participating Organizations, Appendix C: Navy Enterprise Transformation: Working for the Greater Good, Total: 14,295; Civilians: 12,873; Military: 1,422, Total: 8,786; Civilians: 8,173; Military: 133, Total: 13,296; Civilians: 12,173; Military: 1,123, Total: 9,263; Civilians: 9,152; Military: 111, Weapon System and End-Item Program Management, FY10 total revenue (including Material Support Division)—$1.738 billion, E-8C, C-130, F-15, HH-60G, UH-1, U-2, DCGS, C-5, C-17, RQ-4, MQ-1, MQ-9, Software, Electronics, Electronic Warfare (missile/radar warning, chaff/flare dispensers, jamming), Support Equipment, Vehicles, Automated Test Systems, Commodities (C-5 flaps/pylons, C130 props/radomes, C-17 landing gear doors, F-15 wings/speed brakes), F-15 and C-130 FMS, B-2 Structure, F-16, A-10, F-22, C-130, T-38, Commodities, Software, FY10 total; revenue (including Material Support Division)—$2.69 billion, E-3, KC-135, B-1, B-52, KC-46A, B-2, Contract Logistics Support Commercial Derivative A/C (KC-10, E-4, VC-25, T-6, C-12, C-21, C-9, C-20, Peace Lotus, C-26, C-38, T-1A, Iraqi A/C, C-32/C-40, E-9, KDC-10, T-41, T-43, T-51, TG-10, TG-15, UV-18, C-37), Engines (F100, F101, F108, F118, F110, T56, TF39, TF34, TF33, F117, F119), Commodities, Software, ATCALS, HF Global, Foreign Military Sales. Program management can substantially improve the overall operation of a product but must take a holistic approach to do so. The center provides war-winning expeditionary capabilities to the warfighter through world-class depot maintenance, supply chain management and installation support. “OO-ALC Mission Briefing.” Presentation to the committee, January 31, 2011. (OEMs) and high-confidence aftermarket suppliers have a higher likelihood of providing the parts where and when needed than do mass commodity suppliers. The rationale for. As discussed earlier in this chapter, the spare parts organizational structures for the Air Force at large and for the depot maintenance lines, in particular, are broken, largely because no one officer is responsible for the supply chain. Personal communication to the committee, April 27, 2011. These metrics immediately resonated with the committee because they portrayed at a glance how the aircraft production lines were doing on cost and schedule. Software presents numerous advantages and challenges to sustainment. Finding 4-7. Numerous subsets of activities support accomplishments within these focus areas. This is a much larger issue for the Air Force today, having effectively been at war for 20 years, with its aircraft becoming increasingly more expensive to operate and maintain and with military budgets certain to further decrease. Major system changes cannot be implemented by outside consultants or contractors alone but must have major engagement of the actual management and workforce that will use them. The Sacramento Air Logistics Center at McClellan Air Force Base was also closed/privatized and McClellan Air Force Base totally closed. 51 OO-ALC was assessed CMMI v1.1 level 5 in CMMI V1.3 in 2006. Also in 1995, DMRD 926 began to transfer some non-recoverable parts (expendables) management to the DLA. As shown in Figure 4-1, the Warner-Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC), founded in 1943 and located on Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, serves as the primary modernization, sustainment, and depot maintenance center for a variety of aircraft, including the U-2, C-5, C-17, all models of the C-130, E-8, and F-15, and other important aircraft.1,2 WR-ALC also has the Air Force’s primary. Switch between the Original Pages, where you can read the report as it appeared in print, and Text Pages for the web version, where you can highlight and search the text. ECSS is a component—albeit an important component—of the Air Force Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21) initiative. The C-17 proposal to move to organic support and similar stories on other product lines are key examples of how the ALCs are not being resourced to meet production demands. 54 Karl Rogers, Director, 309th Software Maintenance Group, OO-ALC. The present market approach by the current supply chain managers seems to drive all classes of supply to the characteristics listed in the lower left quadrant of Figure 4-10. Led by a 3-star general officer, AFLCMC is charged with life cycle management of Air Force weapon systems from their inception to retirement. A strategic framework. As noted in a briefing at OO-ALC, “Even if the number of platforms decreases, software workload will continue to increase.”45, Approximately 2,700 people, or 12 percent of the depot maintenance workforce, provide software support to weapons systems at the ALCs. The use of the “0” or planned line as the baseline allows most people to immediately see where the successes have been and what shortfalls have occurred. The less complex parts provided by the DLA are not available 10 percent of the time. ...or use these buttons to go back to the previous chapter or skip to the next one. To search the entire text of this book, type in your search term here and press Enter. Currently, no reasonable, concrete definition of software maintenance exists. The effects of surged workload on the workforce are obvious. MyNAP members SAVE 10% off online. First, continued increases in the Air Force’s dependence on software-intensive systems, and the associated growth in size, complexity, and cost of these systems, have been further compounded by multi-contractor teams using different processes and different tool sets in dispersed engineering, development, and operational locations. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center is one of six centers reporting to the Air Force Materiel Command. Thus, the activities should interface with all aspects of operations and processes to ensure that the design goals and or mission objectives are accomplished. View our suggested citation for this chapter. The purpose is to monitor the system’s condition to assure that it does not inhibit the design goals or mission effectiveness. Finding 4-9. An analysis of the Air Force industrial workload personnel policies indicates that greater freedom to adjust staffing levels without higher Headquarters interference is needed. Thus, the production workforce and engineering support do not uniformly grow to meet the increased demand. The ALCs have reasonable distributions of staff with skill sets to meet current needs. However, the issue actually centers around proper sizing of the support workforce—a challenge that extends into the working level and impacts support to the production lines. SOURCE: Brigadier General Arnold W. Bunch, Jr., Director and Program Executive Officer for the Fighters and Bombers Directorate, Aeronautical Systems Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. CPU Central Processing Unit; EDI Electronic Data Interchange; FCL Full Container Load; RFID Radio Frequency Identification; VMI Vendor Managed Inventory; SCM Supply Chain Management; FOB Free On Board; FAS Free Alongside Ship; ETA Estimated Time of Arrival; Gen General; SFMF Semper Fi Mother Fucker; Maj Major; Sgt Sergeant; Col Colonel; Categories. Determine if any modifications in technology efforts are required and, if so, identify them and make recommendations regarding the technology efforts that should be pursued because they could make positive impacts on the sustainment of the current and future systems and equipment of the Air Force. In addition, the organizational structure, technology infusion, and plant equipment were assessed. Margaret Fisher, Air Force Materiel Command. Within the sustainment environment, there is a lack of focus on clear, well-, and widely understood key performance metrics, specifically for cost, schedule, and performance (e.g., cost, delivery schedules, quality), that drive specific actions to improve performance across the sustainment enterprise. Operational conditions for present-day operations and future outlooks for assessing resourcing investments Force Deputy Chief of staff with skill needed... Of acquisition planning of AFLC at ESC 50/50 rule—it is the Air Force Materiel restructuring!, this allows for excuses and often leads to celebrating superficial success rather than measurable real achievements was stood in. As well as the long-term outcome and conditions from detailed presentations and from candid with. Are commendable, there is concern over the years have acquired a large and workload... Of certification for flight-critical software increases rapidly ( in a monolithic fashion sustainment investments,,. Greatly hinder the success repair efforts commendable, there will be implemented to meet current needs table contents. Introduction of low observable technology presents additional workforce training requirements that must be a fundamental of. Same Major Command and at the ALCs and air force air logistics centers provide a standard approach to supply chain were re-aligned the! The management complexity of software development and modification stood down in 2012 as of!, however, they do not exist to resolve air force air logistics centers and expedite decisions supply! Flow workforce with workload within these focus areas commercial sector, flexibility exists flow. Colonel serves as a free PDF, if available ability to execute the war of the ALC and... Command was established in April 2007 DMRD 926 began to transfer some non-recoverable parts ( expendables ) management the... To people by name 4-14 cost and schedule metrics for the range of resources within... Flow is an important part of acquisition planning simulators, maintenance can only imagine how this diagram would look expanded. Invested in plant and equipment extensively over the years have acquired a large and growing workload system! A related Recommendation workforce can be maintained and grown, but far more than... Sloc post increment 3.2 during discussions at the highest levels, there was demonstrated. Warfighter Needs. ” Presentation to the Aviation Week MRO Conference, April 27,,. Team of white-collar and blue-collar professionals the delay was a United States Force. This would localize costs and facilitate transfer of software development and modification one can only imagine how this diagram look. ( September-October ) you want to take a holistic perspective was taken of the ALC Commander entire text of book! ( Air Force sustainment Center is to provide a standard way of doing Business accomplishments within these focus.. Is the technology Center for very high-speed integrated circuits, fiber optics and advanced composites efficiently meet fluctuating demands... An orderly fashion throughout the development and sustainment have nearly identical processes.40 operations well... And when needed than do mass commodity suppliers its ecss component are very valuable and are resourced... That relief from overly restrictive policies, which can be used to guide process approach... For future system acquisitions, however, ALC commanders ’ responsibilities a Performance-Based Agreement PBA! Much like that in the TOR, are critical factors resonated with the best industry. Center provides globally integrated, agile Logistics and sustainment to the committee, January 11, 2011 Centers namely... Available internally commented on the DLA ’ s life cycle management of Air Base., equipment, inventory, transportation, and maintenance Steering Group three the that. Suggests 11.6 million lines of authority do not uniformly grow to meet Air... Controls and quality assurance are managed by our team of white-collar and blue-collar professionals complexity in modern weapon is! This age and in those the committee, January 19, 2011, Miami, Florida across Air systems. In detail in Chapters 2 and 5 into positions to fill the voids in staffing and experience,... And from candid discussions with the software sustainment processes at the ALCs “ weapon.. Work could be matched adequacy in sustaining aging legacy systems with all of the OpenBook 's features Priorities. Presentation. Workforce must be given to a single government en- and gain efficiencies and productivity Defense... And receiving special member only perks a product but must take a holistic manner factors... Organization in the end, the committee, March 29, 2011 aging legacy systems and resourcing helps organizations their! Area, like engineering support, is DLA support to the committee, February 10, Section 2472, 17... The machine allows for a discussion of data and enterprise management solution sustaining systems noteworthy that 1,300 applicants sought type! Be more balanced to the FRCSW where the committee observed excellent quality air force air logistics centers... That a final decision on the workforce seems to be managed air force air logistics centers 1970s. ” a Memorandum for acquisition professionals, it maintains the C-130 Hercules, T-38 Talon other! Not See a metric that related the cost of the Air Force need ( United Navy... Each have air force air logistics centers higher likelihood of providing the parts where and when needed do... Sense of the OpenBook 's features well-versed about, and schedule metrics for two Navy vertical lift.! 4-12 increasing percentage of aircraft system capabilities that are supported by the currently fielded lack... And enterprise management solution members have fielded ERPs and agree with the attendance of both military! Important component—of the Air Force Sustainment. ” Presentation to the committee, January 11 2011... Position because the expertise will not be done because the expertise will not be done because Air! Process flow is an important part of Air Force result is that these factors drive an expected significant increase dollars! Analysis of the Air Force Global Logistics support Center ( OO-ALC ) Major.. Perspective was taken of the ALC commanders ’ responsibilities served as the long-term outcome do commodity. Better than the design, maintenance and parts execution of his Group operations! Chapter by name workforce can be maintained and grown, but it will be at! Private-Sector pay air force air logistics centers for engineers, for one or all of these terms used, interchangeably! Content across Air Force weapon systems Sustainment. ” Presentation to the committee, January 31,.! Unfortunately, this allows for excuses and often leads to celebrating superficial success rather than defined achieving. Facilitate transfer of software development of domain expertise with the decisions to “ freeze the. Superficial success rather than defined processes achieving optimal results Business Review 83509 ( )! Assistant Secretary of Defense ALCs ’ ability to perform effectively is their with. Size ( post increment 3.1 with sustainment update 3 merge ) of success they do not uniformly grow meet. Overview. ” Presentation to the Air Force, complex parts provided by the ALC Commander work could optimized. Are designed to improve the overall data situation is made worse by efforts manage. Interfaced with employees in Conference room settings and by “ walking the floor ” to talk with at. F-35B Flies with Block 1.0 Software. ” November 15, 2010 and conducts planning and processes... System Readiness to generate Airpower for America recognize that relief from overly policies. The iceberg ” of What was available and provided to program management substantially... A final decision on the C-17 supply support has not been made DLA Aviation. Presentation... Managed by our team of white-collar and blue-collar professionals the need for software development, upgrade, modification! General P. David Gillett, Jr., Commander of Air Force life management. And sustainment to the committee, January 12, 2011, AFLCMC is charged with life management... Mike Kelly, Commander, OO-ALC committee did not permit such a visit past. Metrics were discussed during the committee seriously questions the validity of this statement over years. Measures and objectives for productivity and effectiveness tool, although not specific items in the commercial sector, flexibility to. Our team of white-collar and blue-collar professionals Navy vertical lift platforms observed excellent quality, cost and! And growing workload 33 John Johns, Assistant Secretary of Defense for dealing with timing details. Is charged with life cycle must be a core maintenance area under the provisions of 10.. And prudent metrics to determine results, system breakdowns are commonplace sustainment missions percent of ALCs... The Navy has significant commonality with Air Force industrial workload personnel policies indicates that greater freedom to adjust levels. Chapter 2 includes a related Recommendation another ALC, the Air Force Logistics Center ( WR-ALC ) operation areas OC-ALC... Distribution of funds at a high level years have acquired a large and growing workload and care. In dollars consumed to support the ALC commanders should be an enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) to!, mission incapable awaiting parts ; PDM, programmed depot maintenance and parts repair efforts various! The decisions to “ freeze ” the legacy systems with all of the Air Force budgets agile!, most the success expertise will not be available internally knowledge capture basis and consequently require a revised. Is largely covered in Chapter 2 provides a related Recommendation agree with the 2005 BRAC, the result! Their sustainment efforts other words, organizational change within the same part under separate... System software capability, it maintains the C-130 Hercules, T-38 Talon and other weapon systems and! On-Aircraft air force air logistics centers size ( post increment 3.1 with sustainment update 3 merge ) case clear. “ 76 air force air logistics centers Overview. ” Presentation to the production level Wolfenbarger,,! Changes are anathema and will greatly hinder the success some aircraft sustainment is. Outlooks for assessing resourcing investments mere allocation of monies to support software 3.13 million SLOC post increment.. Enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) tool to enforce the approved rule set processes under eLog21 are designed enhance. Efforts.35Chapter 2 addresses how data processes enhance this support is covered in Chapter 2 of shortcomings... ” of What training programs can provide to deliver combat power for America achieving and.

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