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best camera for travel blogging

Also, the picture quality is incredible for such a small camera. The best vlogging camera for beginners: Canon EOS M6 6. I would say a major downside of the Panasonic are the lenses though. Oh, and it shoots 4K video and slow-motion too. Well, I guess that does it! One thing I’ve learned from photography over the last few years is that the market is constantly downsizing. From the latest GoPro Hero 8 to the compact Canon M50 to the uber-advanced Sony A7riii, these are the best cameras for bloggers this year. Also, the Sony sensor is better. Why? Here are my top reccomendations for the best cameras for travel bloggers and how to choose between: DSLR or Mirrorless, Full Frame or … The M50 is a fantastic investment and I highly recommend it. Canon’s 5D Mark III is one of the most popular higher-level DSLRs on the market and one of … Let me speak from experience here. Making it one of the best cameras for travel blogging since it is super lightweight and extremely portable. This great little travel camera does it all, and for the price, it is the best travel zoom camera out there. No if you’re looking to buy a brand new camera. There are so many things to consider when purchasing a camera for travel blogging and social media. What to Look for When Buying a Camera as a Blogger, Best Value Camera for Blogging Accessories, Check Prices for Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, Monday Blues? Choosing the best travel camera for 2020 is more about finding one that allows you to shoot the photographs you want. The iPhone 6s camera might not be the best for Professional photography but can be one of the best cameras for travel blogging. An added bonus for individuals that need to be extra quiet when taking pictures is the choice between silent or mechanical shutter; a must for nature bloggers! And with that, we conclude the list of the best cameras for travelers. Sony Alpha a7RII. Consider a wide-angle lens for capturing landscapes or a larger optical zoom lens for capturing nature in more natural settings. Type: Mirrorless | Sensor size: APS-C | Resolution: … You don’t want to forget what you saw on another blog that took your breath away, write it down! The best-selling feature of this camera is its size. We hope you find the information in this guide helpful when deciding which camera will work best for your individual photo needs. That’s the horrible bit out the way. this camera can go almost anywhere. Additional options include multiple lenses, audio accessories, and bundled options to save some money. The Best Camera Bodies For the Beginner Blogger Fujifilm X-T30. At around £590 it is an absolute steal, and sometimes I actually prefer the images from this camera than to my Sony A7riii (priced £3,500 – yes, I actually mean that and it is very very annoying). The Fuji X-T20 Mirrorless is the competitor to the Sony A6400. If has a really broad spectrum making it a great camera for bloggers who do a mixture of photo and video. As an added bonus for photo editing, this bundle also includes a digital download for Corel PaintShop Pro X9. Filming on the camera is like having a gimbal, it really is that good. Canon brings us another camera to our list with this PowerShot G5 X Mark II. The Sony A7riii comes with a massive 42.4 megapixel sensor that can shoot speeds at 10 frames per second with full autotracking. Not only do you get to capture beautiful photos, you’ll look damn good doing it too. It’s the best camera phone I’ve ever had and I think it’s the best on the market at the moment too. Though there are many upgrade options, this model comes with the camera base, rechargeable battery, charging adapter, and carry strap. It will still give you amazing blog photos and videos but will get around the awkward “I have a massive camera and am obviously working” situation. This compact and affordable option features a 3.0-inch LCD screen, improve image stabilization, 1.5x optical zoom, and video capabilities. This mirrorless camera features 16.7MPs with an improved EXR processor. The new autofocus includes multiple foci and tracking options, even 3D. If 4K video recording is … Nikon D3500 – Low Cost Travel Camera. While the Fuji model may not have video capability, it is still a great camera to take with you on the go and it creates outstanding photos. Finding the best camera for travel photography is different from choosing a professional camera for things like wedding photography and portrait photography, or even just everyday use at home. People only used to talk about Canon and Nikon, but now more and more people are switching to Fuji and Sony. The Best Photography Equipment for Travel Blogging The Best Camera for Beginner Travel Photographers Join over 1 million people and get exclusive travel tips, giveaways and more! It has to be said this is an excellent camera though, so if you’re a diehard Canon fan and you’re looking to get into the full-frame mirrorless market then this is the one for you. To make the most of your video blog, you need a high-quality camera that’s easy to use. I hope you have found the information in this guide helpful and I look forward to seeing the amazing photos and videos you are able to capture with your new camera. I can’t tell you how useful that is from a filming perspective. Unlike the other travel blogging cameras, the Nikon D7500 is a larger camera that’s not as easy to carry around. This will also look nice when uploading your photos on Instagram for examples as your Instagram feed will have a cohesive aesthetic. The Panasonic GH5 isn’t going to win any beauty pageants but it is a damn good camera otherwise. These are the … You have the option of being behind the camera or in on the action and never miss a shot. This is the best camera for social media, with the ability to capture FHD video at 1080p and built-in Wi-Fi to directly transfer photos to your phone, edit in the app and post right away. If you’re a blogger or vlogger looking for the perfect camera this year then this is the post for you. The best action camera for vlogging: GoPro Hero7 Black Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless. Packed with tons of features to ensure you capture life’s most exciting moments, whether you are capturing 12MP stills or live video in awesome 4K HD! The way the industry and technology is heading, I wouldn’t be surprised if smartphones like this one became the number one item for bloggers and vloggers in the future. Also, as with all Canon cameras, the picture profile is really nice for photos. This model features an 18MP sensor resolution, and expandable ISO, multi-shot capabilities, and improved low light shooting. No. Whether you are new to blogging or a seasoned veteran, you will quickly find out that photos play a huge role in getting people’s attention to check out your posts, and once there, get them to stay for a bit and look around. If you’re a newbie blogger, you might think it’s expensive at £590, but I promise you it’s worth it. I could get very technical here and explain all about warp image stabilisation and how you stablise footage in post-production but it’s all very boring. At the moment, our choice of best travel camera is the Panasonic TZ200 - a compact and discreet travel zoom that is still the best in its class, despite being … This Nikon D5600 features a dual lens pack, one 18-55mm and the other 70-300mm for the ultimate in flexibility. Making it one of the best cameras for travel blogging since it is super lightweight and extremely portable. A lot of it is gut instinct, but I can assure you if you want to take your blogging game to the next level then upgrading your camera is one of the best things you can do. Carolin is a travel expert born in Germany. The GoPro Hero7 is one of the best action cameras you can find, even though I am a huge fan of the DJI Osma Action now, it’s a tight race! Fujifilm X-A5: A small wonder for movie capture. The 5-axis image stabilisation is quality on this which is one of the reasons it’s so popular For in-camera stabilisation, it’s one of the best on the market. Best Camera Tripods for Travel (Photo and Vlogging) Whether you’re capturing epic long exposures our capturing a quick self on the go, a handy tripod is a must for any traveling photography enthusiast. This is the direct competitor of the Sony A7 range – the only problem being Sony released their first camera in 2013 so have 6 years of user data behind them. For years I wanted to hate GoPro. One major downside to this camera is there’s no flip-screen (it only tilts) but I discourage the use of a flip-screen anyway. Conclusion Best Camera for Travel Blogging. However, if you’re a vlogger then there’s no jack for an external microphone which is very frustrating. My 6D was distinctly average at video and I knew if I wanted to shoot the films I wanted to make then I’d have to upgrade. It is a fantastic entry level DSLR, perfect for bloggers. There are several versions of this camera so the final choice depends on your price point. Kane & Pia (two amazing YouTubers) did a really useful vlog all about the Hero 8 so I’d recommend watching that before you buy it. To make your life a lot easier and to save you time and effort, I’ve put together the best cameras for blogging right now. More powerful smartphones that can do it all, and the Pixel 4 is an example of that. This great bundle by Canon includes everything you need to get started including 2 memory cards, a camera case, a filter kit, an adjustable tripod and much more. Welcome to the party Canon, you’re only about 5 years late! We want it all and more. All rights reserved. Let’s start with how to find the best video camera and then highlight our favorite cameras. While we understand this camera may be out of the price range for many bloggers, this camera has the most premium features, include a monstrous 45.7MP resolution, double most every other camera on our list. I’ve used Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, all on professional shoots too. It has a 5-axis image stabilization so you can trust your footage won’t look shaky. One thing that sets the latest Fuji cameras apart from most other companies is their build quality is next level. Knowing when to buy the right camera is really difficult. Best Camera for Medical and Dental Photographers: Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2 paired with a Zeiss 35 mm 1.4 lens and the G-Master 24-70 mm 2.8 lens Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2/B 12.2 MP E-mount Camera This Sony Alpha a6300 features a full 4K video camera with Wi-Fi capabilities, in a compact and convenient camera. Yes if you’ve been shooting on Canon for years and already have all the best lenses (though you will need an adapter – grrrrr). You can check for the prices of an iPhone 6s or buy it on Amazon. More than £1,500 – Thankfully, I’d still say my camera, the Sony A7riii. I’d love to know what you think in the comments below! Every time someone posts in a travel blogger group on Facebook saying “I’m on the lookout for a new camera”, dozens of people respond suggesting the Canon M50. Leah (The Sweetest Way) If you are going to be using your GoPro regularly during a trip, it’s a good … We often get asked this age-old question, "What is the best compact travel camera?" Also, I’ve used the Pixel 4 a few times for my videos too. I might have had 1,000 (okay, maybe more like 100) people recommend this camera to me, and after using it for a year now, I can’t recommend it enough myself. What Fuji are doing right now is remarkable and the X-T20 is one of their flagship cameras. The image stabilization is a step above many similar cameras, so you don’t have to worry about missing that action shot. If you want to take your written blog to the next level, consider video blogging, or vlogging. Everything feels so good in your hands – and trust me that’s a really important selling point. Finding the right camera for your blogging & vlogging needs can take a lot of time and even more money. If you’re on a low budget then your choices are limited. Camera – Canon EOS 600D – $500. This is the direct competitor of the Canon 5Dmkiv – I think this camera is slightly better though. Personally, I think this is one of the best cameras for blogging & videography right now. Take a look at my privacy policy for more information. So, after all of that, I’m going to try and explain what is the best camera for bloggers for 2020. Why Should You Invest in a Good Camera as a Blogger? How to Pick the Best Vlogging Camera for Your Kids. This mirrorless camera features 20.3 MPs and 5-axis dual image stability. Let’s get into it! The bundle comes with everything you need for your next adventure, including a 32GB MicroSD memory card, a hard case for added security, and the premium GoPro accessory bundle. It does, however, offer other great benefits. When it comes to the specifications the Canon 80D doesn’t seem very good on paper – 24.2 megapixels, a slower processor than newer cameras and no 4K video. This kit includes the camera, a spare battery, 32GB memory card, tripod, carry bag, and much more! The Powershot G7 X series is a perennial favourite of the world’s best vloggers and Youtubers such as FunForLouis and Case Neistat. However, with the GoPro Hero 8 I think they’ve finally won me over – this camera is so damn good. Long gone are the days where I have to shoot everything on my camera – this is a fantastic supplement to that. The bane of my life. This camera is super lightweight as well, coming in under a pound. The Mark IV is the latest of the 5D EOS cameras. One of my personal favorites! Also, it can shoot 4K at 60 frames per second, so very good for slow-motion footage. While they were sitting on their hands both Fuji and Sony cleaned up the mirrorless camera market, to the point where they’re the market leaders now. I would say the GH5 is your classic “jack of all trades master at none” type of camera. If I had to pick an entry-level camera blogger camera I’d choose this one every time. From handheld and bendable tripods like a GorillaPod to more traditional, fixed tripods, here is the list for the best camera tripods for travel. Best Cameras for Travel Photography 1. This camera features a large 3.0 inch LCD screen, a sensor resolution of 24.2MP for taking crisp photos with ease. Age: One of the most important aspects to consider is the age of your child. You never have to worry about losing it, just use the included wrist strap to have your camera ever at the ready. The Canon PoweShot G7 X Mark II has been a firm favourite among bloggers and vloggers for a long time now. The best budget vlogging camera: Panasonic Lumix G7 5. The amazing bundle by Sony includes 2 lenses (16-50mm, and 55-210mm) a 64GB memory card, an extra battery, charger, flex travel tripod, and much more. Some of these aspects include: Sony definitely makes an appearance in our best cameras for bloggers list. This is the best vlogging camera with flip screen. 11 Best Cameras for Travel. When it comes to the best cameras for bloggers, you’ll pretty much always find the Panasonic GH5 mentioned. They just aren’t as good as Canon, Nikon and Sony, so I always feel you’re loosing a lot of image quality there no matter how good everything else is. Fuji X-T20 Mirrorless. Purchasing your own blogging camera provides tons of benefits, from creative control to an endless supply of potential images. If you want to invest in your blog, you must invest in the right camera. That’s how I feel anyway! And for those of us who are not professional photographers, all of the information can sometimes get overwhelming. Well, I genuinely rate the Google Pixel 4 so highly. This is the camera my partner Wanderlust Chloe uses so I know my way around it very well. Sometimes smaller is better. I would classify this as a mid-level DSLR, and for those of you who are keen to take your photography to the next level then I’d really recommend this camera. With vlogging, you can give your fans a whole new perspective on your message. To help determine which camera is right for you, there are some things to consider when choosing a camera for blogging. Panasonic Lumix G7 – Best Mirrorless Camera for Vlogging Under $500. Her travel advice has been featured on Forbes, Daily Mail,, Tour Radar, Expedia and she's also been named one of the top travel bloggers you need to follow by Tourism Queensland. Saying that, the relatively new Nikon D850 is probably one of the best full-frame cameras on the market at the moment. No matter which of these cameras you choose for your travel blog, you can be sure you are going to be getting the best possible images, every single time. Overall: Best Camera for Blogging and Social Media 1. However, the major bonus is the fact you can buy other lenses for this making it a much more versatile camera. Everyone considers the smartphone camera on the Pixel 4 the best around (which is why I got it). For those of you who follow Joe Allam (one of my favourite YouTubers), you’ll know what Fuji cameras are capable of. Different blogs call for different cameras – the travel blogger needs a lightweight, durable camera that can cope with wide landscape shots, whereas a beauty blogger needs a camera with … Still a fine vlogging option for those on a budget… Large sensor. It basically means you don’t have to worry about all the technical side of photography or videography! I promise you as soon as you buy a camera or a lens, a month later someone else will release an even better one (trust me on that!). This nifty little camera is one of the best compact cameras for bloggers, coming in at just 1.4 lbs. Also the 179-point hybrid auto-focusing system means you’ll rarely lose focus of your face when vlogging. The main difference between camera types is the size of the sensor inside the camera — the larger the sensor, the better the camera will perform in lower light, and the bulkier and more expensive it will be. This is by far the best camera for lifestyle blogging, action photography, and professional photographers of all skill levels. This is my camera and at £2,450 (just for the body) it is one of the most expensive cameras on the list. I only recommend the best blogging cameras, the ones that I know you’ll need. The auto-focus on the X-T20 is amazing meaning you never rarely miss your focus point. Please read my disclosure for more info. I’m not one of those Canon fans who never recommends a Nikon, I just think they’ve fallen a long way behind the current market of what shooters want. Make a Wish List of Places to Visit: Keep a revolving list of locations near and far, add to it as often as you can and be sure to check off places you’ve visited. 40x optical zoom, manual settings, shoots in 4K video, good color grading, and it is one of the better compact cameras out there. Also, I’d expect Canon to update the EOS-R this year too. As I said, it really does have it all. Whether you’re a beauty blogger, a fashion blogger, a food blogger or a travel blogger, I’d really recommend one of these cameras to take your photos and videos to the next level. It is the perfect balance between photography and videography, and at £550 it is a bargain too. If you’re looking for the smallest, most affordable travel camera... 2. Fast forward a few years and I’ve worked my way around most cameras. I first got into photography and videography about 10 years ago. Nothing makes me happier than capturing the world one destination at a time so make sure you follow me on my adventures! Many of the best will even share some tips and tricks for manual settings, filters, or other accessories to capture that perfect shot. I’m very reluctant to put this camera on the list because it’s so old but hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also, check out this GoPro vlogging set up here – you really can vlog on this camera! The standards of Nikon in a more modestly priced option. The somewhat venerable Nikon D3500 was one of the most popular DSLR cameras... 3. Now that Canon have finally realised there’s such a high demand for mirrorless cameras they produced their first full-frame mirrorless camera – the EOS-R. Is it any good? The dual screen makes the DJI Osmo Action by far one of the best cameras for blogging and vlogging, especially if you like adventure, water and pure action. Best Canon Camera for Vlogging and Blogging: Canon EOS M50. The following list is roughly ordered by sensor size, from small (smartphones) to larger (SLRs). She has been travelling around the world since 2006 and now lives in her adapted soul home Australia. We are traveller souls passionate about creating stories and gear for adventurous souls, beach bums and travel addicts like you! The Sony AIII is a full-frame mirrorless camera. This one is for all you Canon vloggers. If you book or buy something through these links, I earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). If you’re a Canon sort of person, … Canon EOS Rebel T6 is part of a line of extremely popular cameras. Light-weight, easy to use, multi-purpose shooting for photos and videos. The camera touts an impressive 24.2 MPs and if you get the amazing bundle, you’ll also get a carry bag, a wide angle lens, a set of 3 filters, a shutter remote control, and so much more. We can already, Every day is one step closer to summer 7 days, OMGG!! I’ve gone for the A6000 because it’s an amazing piece of kit and half the price of the A6500. This post may contain affiliate links. Buying guide for best vlogging cameras. The functional 20.1MPs will be enough for most bloggers, while the 4.2x optical zoom increases the flexibility of this camera. It is so small you can shove it in any bag or pocket knowing it won’t take up a lot of space. More like Monday splashes Presets save you a lot of time when editing a photo as you can apply a specific combination of settings to apply to future photos. Compact and super portable, this kit includes the Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100M6 camera, rechargeable battery, power adapter, USB cable, and more. Learn About Lighting: There is nothing more important in any type of photography then learning how to capture the light or lack of light. Simples. I went travelling for 2 years, and as a present to myself I bought a Canon PowerShot bridge camera. This camera is quite similar to the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II in that it’s a really small camera that you can stuff into your pocket. I even did this whole restaurant review just using my camera in really dark conditions. Fujifilm X-T20 Best camera for bloggers on-the-go (such as travel or fashion bloggers). This camera is easily the best camera for beginning bloggers or bloggers on a tight budget. I had a realization today - while I was cra, The Best Instagram-worthy Spots In Canggu, Bali, The 22 Best Instagram-worthy Spots In Singapore, Skyroam Solis X Review: The Ultimate Travel WiFi Hotspot, The Ultimate Self Drive Iceland Itinerary In 7 Days, The Best Remote Job Sites To Find Your Dream Remote Job (In 2020), Where To Stay In Manila, Philippines (2020 Guide), The Ultimate Pre Trip Checklist For International Travel, Size – 16.2 in x 12.2 in x 8.7 in (in case), A small camera may be hard for individuals with larger hands to maneuver, 4K video capabilities, flexible resolution options, The LCD monitor may freeze when the camera overheats from extended use, This purchase ONLY includes the camera body, additional options available, Some customers have reported issues with the top LCD screen, Base lens is lower quality than comparable models, The touchscreen may be difficult for users with larger hands, App turns your smartphone into a handy camera remote, Wi-Fi capabilities require a good Wi-Fi connection, Controls are different than most other cameras, SD card issues, specifically if using a micro SD insert instead of full SD card, Bonus digital download for Corel PaintShop Pro X9, Backed by specialist insurers and global assistance partners. A little bit about me. People aren’t attracted to big bulky DSLRs anymore, they want smaller mirrorless cameras or something to fit in their pocket. Additionally, this camera is capable of capturing 4K in several separate resolution options and easily transferring them by either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Ahoy travellers! If you’re looking to really get into the professional photography/videography sphere, this is the camera that can help you with that. … It all depends on what level you’re at! I even shot this whole video about taking on RideLondon (a 100-mile cycle race) all on my phone, so it’s pretty amazing the capabilities of phones now. It takes excellent quality pictures and gives a … Of course not. Now that we’ve laid out the 13 best cameras for bloggers above, but how about a few tips to improve your travel and lifestyle photography to make your blog stand out even more? For its compact size, amazing photo & video quality it shoots up to 1080p HD at 60fps (frames per second). I’ve stated all the cheapest prices I can find!). The sounds quality is so much better than on the GoPro Hero 6. Would I recommend you buy this camera? I love that. Priced at £499 I would say this is an excellent option as a cheap vlogging camera. You name it and I’ve probably fired off a few shots with it at one time. Be Unique: You do not have to follow all the photography rules; do your own thing and you may be surprised to find out that you are a better photographer than you thought. This means you can go skiing, film everything and all the clips will already be stabilised for you. And that was it, I fell in love with cameras and photography from that moment onwards. I used to just point and shoot. Sony Rx100 III – VA. The 45.7 megapixel sensor is one of the best around and the dynamic range of 64-25,600 ISO is incredible – so much data is captured here that you can draw out so much colour and detail when it comes to editing. You may not automatically think of cameras when you hear the name Panasonic, but the Lumix GH5 will definitely change that quickly.

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