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learner agency in the classroom

Teachers should teach students how to think; students should have control of what they think. Success in school and in the workplace requires quick thinking, constant adaptation, creativity, and a willingness to accept and build on novel – and at times, bizarre – ideas. (Note the influence here of the Key Competen… At Gateway, by identifying what we saw as student needs and reviewing current literature, we came up with our Student Agency/Process of Learning Rubric. One of the big concerns teachers have about the upcoming school year is how they’ll get to know their students if their only encounters are through a computer screen or in-person but socially distanced. She taught in New York City Public Schools and Montgomery County Public Schools for 8 years. It might be working on their group interaction, using only English in the classroom or finding ways to pay more attention in class. The McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation provides Teacher Development Grants for individual teachers or small teams working in K-12 education. As an English teacher, I loved reading Craig Raine’s poem “A Martian Sends a Postcard Home” with my students. Educators at all levels are asking how they can give -- or help students develop -- ownership of their learning, allowing them choice and flexibility in terms of learning environment, subject matter, pace, and more. Elly Young is an instructional specialist on the Elementary Integrated Curriculum team for Montgomery County Public Communications from American University in 1999. While Nina’s work with Center for Inspired Teaching is her first experience with a DC-based educational program, she worked with the Freedom Schools program as a Servant Leader Intern for three years, and has a developing interest in museum education; she recently completed a year-long archival and curatorial internship at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and National Museum of African American History and Culture, and looks forward to finding ways to integrate what she learned into her work with Speak Truth. Agency is a hot topic in the education community right now. At Teach Starter, we have a range of visible learning resources to assist you in the classroom. Thank you for this. Learn more about opportunities for prospective lead and master teachers at the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School; for DC charter school teachers to participate in BLISS and SCALE; and for prospective new teachers to join future cohorts of Inspired Teaching Fellows. She advises clients on a wide variety of issues, including licenses and other strategic agreements; trademark, copyright and domain name litigation in federal courts; Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) proceedings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) arbitration procedures; and cybersecurity, privacy and data security issues. 21. Posting the question on Twitter brought responses such as these: After listening to Derek Wenmoth's video, our teachers collectively came up with a list of words that characterise agency. A simple approach is to think about the what, how, and why of a lesson, assignment, or project and give students the opportunity to answer one of those questions. Empowering, practical, creates second order thinking. The educational goal that learners become capable of independent learning has had a profound impact on learner agency. If they are invited to tailor the learning to their interests, decide how to approach a problem, or determine what they will create, … She has worked as a staff development teacher in MCPS and as a central office specialist for the last 9 years. All of these skills are at the heart of the improvisational artist’s repertoire. Participants will explore student needs, learn to apply relationship-based techniques, engage in role-playing, and reflect on current practices. That dream drives efforts to implement student agency. The costing systems he put in place at MCI received the Enterprise Intelligence award from the software company SAS. Increase creativity & innovation in problem solving, new product development, etc. The school, a professional learning community of master teachers and teacher residents, ensures that a diverse group of students achieve their potential as accomplished learners, thoughtful citizens, and imaginative and inquisitive problem solvers through a demanding, inquiry-based curriculum. Less than two weeks before the course you will receive a 25% refund. In the spring semester, Fellows begin taking coursework at Trinity Washington University in the evenings, helping to make connections between education theory and the classroom practice being observed in their residency year. I also share that in my experience the more I release control of the learning to the actual learners, the more rewarding the learning is for everyone. These positive relationships help students feel supported by teachers, administrators and peers. Caitlin Wolf manages Inspired Teaching’s development operations, and designs and facilitates professional development. Nina is the Youth Programming Coordinator for Center for Inspired Teaching. She also served as a school Principal and teacher in both Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Alternatively, you can allow them to choose the media they use to design their signs (poster with pens or an online creation tool). She began her nonprofit career in the food allergy field; first, as the founder of [email protected] Partners, a nonprofit working with schools across the country on food allergy safety, and later as the General Counsel and CEO of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. He served for five years as the Treasurer of the Blessed Sacrament School board in DC. Jeffrey serves as Interim Executive Director and Vice of City Year Miami after serving over 10 years as Executive Director of City Year Washington, DC, where he oversaw significant growth of the organization. She taught in New York City Public Schools and Montgomery Count Schools for 8 years. Are you interested in experiencing a different kind of professional learning that models what engagement-based instruction looks like? In this hands-on workshop participants will learn and practice strategies for community building online and/or in modified classrooms and craft a plan for learning all about their students in the first weeks of school. To build these skills – which include confidence, self-advocacy, perseverance, risk-taking, creativity, and curiosity – teachers must create a classroom environment that helps students understand their social-emotional needs as well as their academic work. Create a culture of inquiry and creativity. It also has the advantage of getting more students to lean into the learning happening in the classroom. In the past our schools have catered mostly for groups of learners, … I’m glad you found it useful! Jéri also hold a M.Ed from American University in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Educational Leadership and Policy. In describing his experience with Inspired Teaching, he said our training helped him recognize the importance of engaging every student and enabling the class to connect lessons to their own lives. Emphasize relevance over engagement. Instantly and easily applicable ways to develop agency – thank you! It is important because students engaged actively in their education build deeper understanding of content. Practice facilitation skills that are essential for leading student-centered STEM lessons in a productive and safe way. Successful companies harness employees’ creativity and divergent thinking to drive innovation and growth in a rapidly changing world. Please contact us for pricing for team or school contracts. Depending on how many colleagues at your school participate, and the subject of the course, you may be able to access school improvement funds as well (e.g., for a course in Relationship-Based Classrooms, which would address school climate). Thanks. London: Equinox. Amanda works primarily with the Inspired Teaching Residency. She began her career as a high school English teacher and has served as Director of Communications for both Inspired Teaching and the National Council of Teachers of English. Directly relating learning to students’ lives ensures that students recognize the importance of their work instead of needing an educator to tell them why what they learn is important. Empowers students to choose their final products and projects! Participants will practice providing feedback, design professional learning, and engage in improvisational theater-based activities to enhance their decision making skills. This workshop can be tailored to directors/managers, or all employees. Ts are afraid to “relinquish control” of the c/room. Originally from Maine, Caitlin has a BA in European history from the University of Vermont, and an MA in religious history from Boston College, where she studied women fighting for agency in society and religion during the late Medieval/early modern period and colonial New England. Note that highly engaging environments often promote empowerment because they focus on student agency and ownership. very informative like the downloads and samples helpful. And she conceived of and supervised a team to plan and execute the region’s first girls’ leadership camp focused on self-esteem building and gender-based violence. Throughout the year, Inspired Teaching alumni have opportunities to attend special events, participate in free workshops, access valuable resources, and connect with one another through networking opportunities. Appropriate for: School leaders (principals, assistant/vice principals, instructional coaches, central office staff) and other staff who support teachers. Remember to post your project to social media, so that your friends and family can see the work you’re doing and share it with others! All rights reserved. Why is it important?” Recently, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation hosted a #WhatIsSchool Twitter chat, which focused on strategies to develop student agency in the classroom. They were both educators and big supporters of getting an education, so when I think about the work I am doing I often think about the legacy they set in motion. Giving students some agency over their learning is another simple way to increase student motivation. He is a native Washingtonian who earned his Bachelor’s degree in Non-Western History at the University of Pennsylvania and began his teaching career in rural Georgia as part of the Teach for America program (’93 Corps). The desire to learn is a powerful innate drive that should be respected in all learners; tapping learners’ intrinsic motivation pushes them to work harder and learn more. At the end of a project, some students have built physical models others have designed multimedia presentations and others have created digital artifacts. Teachers were taught a lesson on fossils, which could be used to assess and build on students’ prior knowledge through a process that encourages learners to create, reason, and share their work with confidence. Mr. Nolan has spoken on financial leadership and cost analysis at Chief Financial Officer Magazine, Better Management Live and IDC conferences. We grow through feedback and an understanding that the quality of our work is a reflection of what we are learning, but the shift to remote learning this spring disrupted a lot of the tools teachers were used to using to evaluate student growth. Amanda holds a Masters of Social Work from University of Maryland at Baltimore and a BS in Early Childhood Education from University of Maryland College Park. He is currently the CFO and CCO of Options Solutions, LLC, an investment advisory firm. By the end of our discussion I had received almost more than I’d given. He holds an undergraduate degree from Tulane University, an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a licensed CPA. Participants in this workshop will explore ways to bring meaningful assessment into the virtual and/or socially-distanced classroom and approaches to student feedback that strengthen motivation, and build relationships and achievement. AmeriCorps engages over 80,000 individuals each year, including 1,400 members in the District of Columbia. The school is a primary partner site for the Inspired Teaching Residency, welcoming many Inspired Teaching Fellows each year for their Residency Year. Student agency may be as important an outcome of schooling as basic skills according to a new Harvard study. Like the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Inspired Teaching believes that developing students’ ownership over their learning is crucial in teaching them to become creative, critical thinkers. In my … The conversation does not end here. Inspired Teaching will make periodic visits to Fellows’ classroom for program evaluation purposes to assess the success of alumni as Inspired Teachers. Student/Learner Agency is essential if we are preparing our learners for their future. These groups often have grants and money set aside for professional learning and school improvement. As a group, we will explore various meanings and stances around equity to grapple with both the ambiguity around the word “equity” itself and its implementation in schools. Currently, Kaneia’s work as a professional coach focuses on one-on-one and small group coaching and motivational speaking. Student-centered classrooms depend heavily on discussions that are designed and often facilitated by teachers. If you’re an organization interested in ensuring equitable access to engagement-based teaching for every student, contact Caitlin Wolf, our Development Manager, at [email protected] This four-day introductory course focuses on the essential elements of leading engaging, student-centered, inquiry-based instruction, from writing lesson plans to implementing powerful questioning techniques. What is student agency? Student as Expert – student voice and ideas should be abundant in every lesson. She earned her National Board Certification in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy in 2006. Participants in this course should be familiar with student-centered instructional strategies. This 2-day course is built for informal educators who are interested in improving their instructional practice in STEM, and in building strong STEM programs that work in concert with the PK-12 school system. You can allow student to decide what issue they want to protest with their sign. The school is a primary partner site for the Inspired Teaching Residency, welcoming many Inspired Teaching Fellows each year for their Residency Year. Recently, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation hosted a #WhatIsSchool Twitter chat, which focused on strategies to develop student agency in the classroom. She earned a Master’s degree in elementary education from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2001. All three components are crucial to Student/Learner Agency. This was the kind of mind I would need to succeed in college.”. Can you allow students to decide what aspect of a subject or topic they want to focus on for a lesson, assignment, or project? It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not a brand new change but rather a shift towards a greater emphasis of providing more deliberate autonomy for our students, thus developing leadership. Whether it is a handful of crumpled receipts, or an excel file listing of expenses, she’ll build a chart of accounts, translate the raw data into accounting software, and generate financial reports needed for managing cash flow, tracking receivables and payables, complying with funder reporting requirements, and filing taxes. Under the guidance and support of an experienced lead teacher who models exceptional instructional approaches, Fellows immerse themselves in the day-to-day realities of the classroom for a full year. from George Fox University. My resolve this year is to encourage students to manage themselves and push themselves to be resilient in their learning and their desire to learn. Excelling educators bring play-based learning into classrooms at every grade level and utilize teacher evaluation tools that value physical (and social-emotional) engagement as much as intellectual engagement. This helps learners become more active in the learning process. This workshop will let you try out Inspired Teaching professional learning and discover all the courses and programs that we offer. Thanks again. Inspired Teachers open their doors to the public to showcase and advocate for engagement-based education. Lead teachers gradually release all classroom responsibilities to the Fellow over the course of the year, facilitating growth in all aspects of the profession. Greetings from Peru Specific topics include how to lead engaging professional learning, what to look for during walkthroughs and observations, promoting positive teacher mindsets, and how to provide effective feedback to teachers. Before joining Ashoka, Maria worked at a consulting firm serving a broad range of nonprofits organizations, including charter schools. Participants will practice the art of improvisation, first theoretically, and then in relevant work situations. Want to add more joy to your classroom? When I work with teachers, I am quick to point out that student agency does not mean students make all of the decisions, but it does mean they get to make some of them. Thank you! Student/Learner Agency starts from a child’s first year of school for the teacher. The walls of Inspired Teaching classrooms are papered with student ideas, from a class-generated set of norms and expectations to an “emotions continuum” that allows students to share their feelings and learn about those of their classmates. Schools that place too much emphasis on control, rewards, and competition can hinder self-motivation. She has worked as a staff and development teacher in MCPS and as a central office specialist for the last 9 years. Read about metacognitive thinking or discover how to learn better through our articles, many of which have insights from experts who study learning. Time: half dayAppropriate for: all educators at all grade levels. Play enhances learning and it important during both recess and academic instruction. The month long Summer Institute jumpstarts Fellows’ thinking about teaching and learning.

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